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May 2, 2018

Some of the fundamental vitamins that should never lack in each woman’s diet to ensure they remain healthy all the time

It has been noted that people who do not take the required amount and type of vitamins are generally weak, unhealthy and tend to fall sick from time to time which is a risk no sane human ever wants to take. It is unfortunate that despite all the awareness that has been created about staying and eating healthy across the world, some people still deprive their bodies of some minerals and vitamins which are so important for not only the usual functioning of the body but also to keep strong from diseases and ailments. Majority of people, in fact only 5% of the total population have their bodies supplied with enough vitamin D today. Women on the other side, being a special class of humans require special vitamins and minerals to keep healthy and strong too which should mostly be additional to those supplied in the normal diet. The feminine bodies are expected to have an extra and additional supply of minerals and vitamins due to the complex and complicated duties they perform such as bringing forth a new life, doing away with the menstrual needs all the months of their lives except under special conditions among others. There are several types of vitamins and minerals that every woman should always include in their diet that are meant to prepare their bodies and take them through all the tough and complex roles they go through as women.

The folic acid, B9, is an essential vitamin that should always be part of the feminine diet all the time, every time. It is the synthetic form that is used in the vitamin supplements as well as fortified foods. In meals where it occurs naturally, it is known as folate. It is a major component of vital roles and responsibilities such as formation of brain and proficient working of the spine. It is also known to help in the development of the DNA as well as the RNA and also to protect the DNA from any changes that may lead to occurrence of cancer. Putting much emphasis on the roles it performs, the folic acid should be constantly supplied to expectant mothers and those planning to take a similar path in the near future.

Next on the list is the vitamin B6 whose scientific name is pyridoxine which also performs a variety of tasks and functions in the female gender. It performs crucial roles such as making sure that the metabolism rates are effective and the brain functioning is as expected. It is an essential element that ensures that the Human immunity is strong. It is important to note that the vitamin should only be taken in the right amounts since extremely high levels have negative effects including high chances of occurrence of heart diseases and depression in the user, loss of memory and it may as well get toxic to the body among many others.