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May 2, 2018

What is the Purpose of Ant and Cockroach Extermination?

Believe it or not but there is actually an art of being an ant exterminator. Whoever you may be you can easily go out to their nearest store and get themselves a can of bug spray and give those ants a few shots of it at the hopes of making them disappear but that is usually not the case because one need’s to remember that they have to take out the ant colony and not each individual ant. This is the hardest part of all of this tasks that you have to do -getting to the queen of the of the most amazing insects that exist out there thanks to Mother Nature are ants. Ant’s are the one’s that are made to be cleanup crews of Mother Nature.

The ants can carry things 25x their own body weight, the additional fact that their queen can live up to 30 years is amazing at its own and the ant’s also clean up the aphids, dead creatures, insects, fruits and leaves. It is possible that there would be millions of ants in a single colony and they will put their personal colony on any place that they are able to place it in. It is common for exterminators to find the colony first before doing any other action onto the colony and once they find the colony then they will use a two-step process into eliminating the ants, the colony and the queen with it. The two step process that they use usually are the use of non-toxic pesticide and mass drenching. The first stage involves the spreading of the chemical around the colony in which the ants bring it to the colony and thus poisons the ants and kills them all plus this also makes the queen infertile and making her unable to lay anymore eggs.

The second step is mass drenching in which chemicals will be poured onto the nest and will make every ant die that have survived the first process. Extermination also applies to cockroaches in which these things are really gross to see and they can be irritating at times and the additional fact that they can possibly carry diseases is a big no since they can easily transfer it to your kitchen utensils and equipment. One of the most useful things to do against cockroaches is the use of traps in which cockroach traps are useful against these pests because the are able to make the cockroaches be stuck in place and thus you are able to easily kill them off one by own thanks to its sticky surface that it brings. One good thing that you can do is buy a cockroach spray in which you can spray it onto almost everything that you and just stay for a while at your friend’s house to let the fumes subside.

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