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May 2, 2018

Different Types of Moms and How They Approach Motherhood

It is indeed true that there is no love like the one a mother gives to her child and there are various ways she shows it. First of they have the natural instinct to protect provide and nurture their young ones. In the world we live in currently, there are three types of moms who employ certain tactics in how they raise their young ones. The different types of moms we have in our society today and how they approach motherhood are discussed in detail in the article below.

To start with, we have the corporate moms who work 9-5 jobs as well as commute daily to and from work. They go to their fancy offices with the most modern furniture very early in the morning and usually leave their kids in day care. They also make sure that they are back just in time to make them supper, bath and see them off to bed. They also make time to spend it with their kids over the weekends just to bond and also have fun. In short, these corporate moms are good at balancing their work life in those fancy offices with modern furniture as well as their personal life.

Secondly, we have the stay-at-home moms who make up about 29 percent of the women in this country. This means that they completely gave up their careers as well as employment to take care of their kids. Many people think that these women have it easy since thy have no employers asking them for reports and so on, but they are wrong because they have dedicated their time to sit on their modern furniture and read stories to their newborn kids, feed them as well as play with them. Other moms with kids that are going to school usually say that they love when they drop their kids off at school and also when they pick them up in the afternoon. They also enjoy helping their kids out with homework. These moms who have given up their careers just to raise their kids can tell you that it is worth it no matter how you look at it.

The other type of mom you can find nowadays are the tough love moms. These types of moms usually encourage their kids to be independent in everything they do. One of the ways they do this is by letting their kids make mistakes so that they can learn from them. A good example is teaching them to always wipe some of the modern furniture such as tables once they are through eating. This is another approach to motherhood that mothers out there can use.

Therefore, whether you are a corporate mom working in that office adorned with modern furniture, stay-at-home mom or tough love mom, you are all special with regards to how you handle motherhood.

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