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May 2, 2018

Deciding Between the Keto Diet and the Paleo Diet

Losing weight always comes in the minds of people every time the new year starts and some find ways to make them a reality while some lose their interest after just a week. This is not only a reality in your place but has become an evident reality even among Americans who also want nothing more but to lose weight as the new year unfolds.

As a matter of fact, in the year 2017, a Nielsen survey showed that 45% of their respondents claimed that they want nothing more but to lose some weight for such year.

You are on the road to getting a fitter and healthier you when you are just like these respondents! When you have put in your mind that it is time that you do your best to be healthy and exercise and eat right, then you will be able to live a longer life free from chronic diseases.

Today, if you also want to lose weight, then you also have to practice healthy eating habits and be following certain diet plans with the likes of Whole30, Paleo, Vegan, Keto, and the Mediterranean.

From among the many diet plans that you can follow, you need to know that the most common ones are what you call the Keto and the Paleo diet plans. Most people assume that both of these diets are just the same. This article will give you some facts about these two diets and which one will suit you best.

What is basically the diet you call Keto?
Per the name of this diet, you know that this allows your body to go into ketosis. Ketosis is a process wherein rather than carbs being burned, fats are being burned. For this diet to work, you need not consume carbohydrates in your diet. Once carbs are removed, the diet that you have will just be proteins and fats.

What is basically the diet you call Paleo?
If you say Paleo diet, you are referring to a diet that is low in carbs. The name of this diet does not come to a surprise as it inspired by the Paleolithic humans who were not given any access to some grains or processed foods. By not consuming these foods, then you will avoid getting the diseases known to man today.

When you are on a Paleo diet, you will just be ingesting nuts and seeds, low-starch vegetables and fruits, eggs, grass-fed meats, and healthy oils. Never eat any potato, dairy, salt, legumes, or refined sugar with this diet.

Thus, what diet must you choose?
Your answer to this question really all depends on you. If your stomach seems to be that sensitive to dairy, then you better go with the Paleo diet. The Keto diet is far better for runners.

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