The Beginner’s Guide to Dogs

May 2, 2018

Loving Your Pet to Pieces

I know you love me, truly I get it. I just wish I could let you know which is why I’ve decided to express my feelings with pen and paper. It was love at first sight between us. We’ve survived life’s bitter moments together. Soul mates is what the gift of time have made us. That’s why I know that writing to you about me is not overstepping my boundaries. Well, Romeo and Juliet have nothing compared to what we’ll have at the end of this. If you’d allow me this chance to speak from my heart.

I know what you are thinking, I wish I could hear that from my pet. It would be nice to hear what your dog has to say. That’s all fine and good but guess what? they won’t be speaking or writing anytime soon. The good news however, they don’t have to speak for you to understand. A relationship is two way. Trying out their language isn’t at all a bad idea. Whoever came up with observation as a method of data collection was the genius of all times. What makes them happy and sad should come up eventually.

Emotionally stability is an envious trait that your pet may have in great measure than you. You can leave you dog in the morning and it will wait patiently until you get back. If the roles were reversed you’d already be suing for abandonment. So yes, treat it as you would want to be treated. Your cat didn’t say it would mind watching Tom and Jerry. It would be kind of you to suggest that your children play with them, if that’s not possible toys are just as good as any cure to loneliness. That doesn’t mean that they want to be in action all day, rest is essential for them. A safe haven in a quiet pot would be greatly appreciated. With pets the more the fun , the better the life.

They absolutely should have an independence from you. Don’t let them settle for your routine. You can’t spoil them rotten because that’ just unfair considering your trying to lose weight yourself. This means that you should occasionally let your pets be themselves and enjoy god’s good earth. Spoiling your dogs, is only just a little is good for them. If it is possible when they learn a new skill and when they’ve been in their best behavior. Save them for special moments like when they’ve been spectacular at something or learnt something you taught them. Most importantly as much as you love your pet Molly , molly is no replacement for people, let pets be pets , they are better off that way.