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May 2, 2018

How Do You Manage a Lost Dog You See Randomly

Dogs are like a family to pet owners and even their confidante. If you are dog owner, it is your job to ensure that your dog gets the best care they deserve while also bring them to a vet. Also, dogs are prone to ticks or fleas thus, you need to be ready with this and one way is to buy PetAction products for your dog. Although we ensure that our dogs are always in our sight, we cannot control their action and sometimes, they get lost.

Dogs are proactive and if they get the opportunity to go out of your gate, they will do. If this happens, these dogs might not be able to go back home and worse, they get lost. Regardless if you are a dog owner or not, ensure that you do something about finding a dog in the street wandering around. There are few reminders though that you need to remember so that you will be able to help the dog go back to their original owner and home.

First of all, not all dogs are friendly to strangers. If you want to get near a dog, you need to be very careful not to scare them away or intimidate them. You can slowly approach and speak to them in a low voice. They might at first be uneasy with your presence but once they see that you are not a threat, they will most likely cool down. But in cases wherein the dog gets intimidated and barks at you nonstop, you need to seek help to those who can handle the dog and make the dog calm down.

Once you are able to tame the dog, you may now get close to the dog and try to find any tag that will lead you to its owner. There might be dog tags given by PetAction thus, you can visit the store and ask for the record of the dog. But in case there’s no dog tag, you need to seek for alternative help. You can act as the dog’s temporary custodian while you find the original owner. But make sure that you check the dog’s health condition first just like flea problems. If you find one, immediately buy PetAction products or bring the dog to a vet.

Have a copy of the dog’s picture and bring to the PetAction store because they might know the owner. Ask them for help because they might identify the dog’s owner. But if despite your efforts you can’t still find the owner, might as well take of the dog for life but don’t forget to have PetAction as your partner.