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Staying In Shape as You Age

June 2, 2017

It’s a common misconception that one should exercise just to stay healthy. When it comes to attending a fitness center middletown oh professionals say of course exercise and eating healthy have significant health benefits, such as mental wellness, improved sleeping, even halting premature aging. However, research shows that one’s overall fitness improves their overall wellness.

Five Ways Exercise Can Benefit You

It releases dopamine, the brain’s neurotransmitter which is paramount to help us feel satisfaction and happy thoughts. It reduces stress. Not only in present time, while you exercise, but by exercising out your daily stressors, it will assist in daily lower stress levels. Exercise is a natural confidence booster. Why? When you feel good, you look good. Like they say, the sexiest thing on anyone is their confidence.

It reduces anxiety. This links back to reduction in stress and increased dopamine. Recent studies conclude that exercise creates an immediate mood-boost and in the long-term can be similar to the effects of therapy and medication. It helps with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Not only does it increase sleep quality, but it also provides extra energy in the mornings. But fitness experts point out, long-term positive outcomes created by a regular workout routine, only become attainable when we go to the gym on a regular basis.

Exercise Can Help Halt Aging

The lack of regular physical activity is always reflected on our health, in fact sedentary people get sick more than those who routinely do physical activity. Doctors say our bones are the first to begin a gradual decline. At around 30 years, a balance between bone and bone resorption occurs. From the age of 40, the slow decline of skeletal mass prevails, even in healthy people. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle pay with premature loss of bone, because it becomes porous and therefore more fragile. Regular physical activity helps with adequate intake of calcium, vitamin D, and proteins.

Until 2009, the standard therapy of osteologists was to prescribe all combinations of calcium and vitamin D to all senior patients. This was for bone health. Today, those prescribed therapies include fitness. As you get older, according to rheumatologists, exercise should include two to three times a week, for an hour.

Protecting Muscle Mass From 30 To 70

As we age, we often abstain from sports. However, this is exactly the wrong way to protect the bones and joints. From the age of 55, the muscles begin to decline more quickly. And from 70, they decline even faster. As a result, people lose strength, endurance and speed. Lack of mobility, coordination and balance, increases the risk of falling.

With simple training, everyone can retain power into old age. Experts point out, with good training, even as a 70-year-old, can still have the muscles of a moderately trained 40-year-old. If you want to have strong muscles and joints in your old age, you should start exercising early. All you need is a program of endurance, flexibility and strength endurance training.