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The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Parenthood

September 17, 2019

Guidelines on Picking a Parenting Blog

There is nothing like parenting with no flaws. We all struggle to ascertain our won perfectly. However, even the top-ranking parenting bloggers do not proclaim how perfect or unconstrained they are at it. Parenting is a hard task. It falls under the category of the things that get tougher over time. Sharing experiences and being informed that other parents also face the challenges we face is of great importance. This explains why bloggers began parenting blogs. Every parenting blog has a unique approach and style. To choose a great parenting blog, use these guidelines.

Be keen on mess up stories. We all know that there is nothing that can prepare someone for the hard task of parenting. This implies how hard it is for you to do everything as it should be done in the first attempt. There has to be diverse mess up stories that include accidentally discovering that your kid is allergic to peanuts. The intensity varies but each person messes up when parenting. A great parenting blog shares messes like these to enable readers to discover and not re-do the same mistakes. While there will always be people criticizing such bloggers for not being professionals in parenting, top bloggers always look at the positive feedback and try to be of help first and role models later.

You should put travel advice into consideration. Most parenting blogs have a portion for travel. This is mostly because traveling molds an individual’s personality and changes definitions about who they are and blurs the boundaries hindering them from interacting with others. Childhood full of travels results in booming of greater understanding as well as an open mind. Top-ranking parenting blogs share experiences of those trips and the challenges they faced during the trips to enable those reading to plan better trips and be more prepared.

Make sure a blog balances advice and experience. No one prefers to be commanded how to do things. Good parenting blogs balance between advising parents and sharing their experiences with them. Such blogs offer useful tips and hacks regarding how to manage various things altogether and lets them know how they failed to make it at first. Blogs that merely order parents tend to be rough thus being counterproductive. A parenting blog should aim at sharing and not educating.

Make sure kids are included. Many parenting blogs are created by parents but as kids grow up, their perspectives are included in the blog. This is a crucial parenting tip. Including kids in what parents do increases the common ground for kids and parents. This multiplies trust and creates opportunities for helpful conversations.

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