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May 2, 2018

The Various Traditional Marketing Techniques That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Some businesses prefer to use the traditional marketing methods although there are digital tech ways that have been developed to help business build relationships with customers. Any business can make use of the traditional marketing methods when they need to reach their marketing goals where they need to integrate them with new automated measures.

One traditional marketing method that has worked over the time is the word-of-mouth marketing, and while it might look old-fashioned, experts reveal that 80% of Americans still seek referrals before they can decide the product to buy. Before one decides the best brand to buy, they usually consult their friends, family members or colleagues. Some will depend on the modern tools such as Facebook recommendations to get referrals when they are buying a given product or when one needs to decide the best plumber in the area. In your business, you need to make sure that branding is consistent and even integrate it with other activities that can enhance cohesiveness in the given departments in the company, such as team building initiatives and employee training.

The use of print-based advertising is also popular in the modern days even after the development of digital marketing methods. There are numerous individuals that still read books and 65% of them decided to read a physical book rather than read the book on a screen. When you need to make use of print-based advertisements, make sure that you incorporate imagery, include a sticky tagline, and add relevant data that every client will crave to utilize the power of print.

In-store displays are also a popular way of advertising, and some companies will employ mobile marketing and push notifications to clients when they approach a store. Although you will have an innovative way of reaching your target audience when you use automated announcements, you should not be limited to them, but you need to consider the use of in-store displays. You won’t avoid the exhibits during the next outing, such as a pharmaceutical pop display in a local drug store or a cereal box arrangement in a grocery store. In-store displays are known to be effective when you need to stop customers in their tracks, as they are eye-catching and informative.

You can also market your business through the use of broadcast media, considering that 93% of U.S adults will listen to radio in every week, while an average American consumes five hours in a day watching television. Using broadcast media presents one a chance to devour content with speed, and while it might be costly, it has substantial returns.